Sunday, October 15, 2006

but an addict

yesternite, i was with the boys at woodlands and we caught our last free movie. i dont usually watch jackie chan movies but i thoroughly enjoyed rob b hood. its a very funny and touching story. the pedigree poodle of a baby is so cute and i dont even like babies, or kids.

the other day, a colleague asked me my take on marriage. i gave her a very vague answer when what i meant to tell her is that marriage feels like life taking its toll. im guessing that people get bored then get married. optimistic indeed. im not too keen on who i will marry but im keen on having my own place. i want one of those beds with the huge ass painting mounted on the wall. another room with a huge ass plasma tv complete with the latest console games and surround sound. i want a big board with pictures of everyone having a ball of a time. toys and movie posters that i'm completely obsessed with and a comfy comfy red sofa. everything more and nothing less!

i have many favourite movies and it is incredibly hard to pick one i consider best. if i really had to choose, i would say requiem for a dream. that one was emotionally provoking and the portrayal of different people going through their own struggle which never really ends works as a reality check for me. the soundtrack is also nothing less than fab. second to requiem for a dream would be pi. pi is gore and extreme but it has an incredibly valuable lesson at the end. it looks amateur-ish and raw but it is just genius.

okay. so exams are coming. nooooo! hari raya is near and my room is an utter mess. there is not a single muscle that yearns to move for springcleaning.

i didnt get to see russel peters in action. its such a pity. on that note, i shall end this post. soooo... be a man! do the right thing!

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