Tuesday, October 10, 2006


i wonder how heavy my eyelid weighs for i have much trouble keeping it open against gravity.

sleep deprivation is the root of a man's unhappiness.

if it were up to me, we'd enjoy at least 10 hours of sleep and only 4 hours of work on a daily basis, which leaves 10 full hours of eating, having a ball of a time, reading, shopping, tv, surfing the internet, playing games, family fun, studying, showering, shaking your legs, chilling with friends, digging your nose, being silly, running around your house in only a towel, housekeeping, chatting on msn, pretending to have deep thoughts, being bored...... i feel so delightful at the thought of this.

i had morning woes and gave a chinese woman who wore a shitface the middle finger earlier. hence, i've broken my fast.

yesterday, i watched stand by me. that was one of my favourite shows as a child and i thoroughly enjoyed everything about it. i had the biggest kid crush on wil wheaton who played gordon. i remember promising myself that i would look for him when i grow up. so after the show, i googled him. it turns out he grew up into some kinda writer cum actor and was in star trek. he looks rather gay and married. everything that once shouted "stalker" when i was younger was immediately dismissed when i saw a picture of him fully grown. i still enjoyed the show though.

i am waiting for lunch. considering its monday and not raining, there isn't that many customers which is surprising and pretty fine by me.

i went to vivocity last saturday and i had a blast with the boys. we had good food and a ball of a time at toys r us. we were trying out masks, hats, and gory costumes for halloween. it was shoooo funneh. vivocity had a waterfront with a lovely view of sentosa. however, the haze was blurring the scenery. there was a playground much like the one at pasir ris park in miniature. and and and there were nice clothes.... i havent done much shopping in a while and i almost hyperventilated when i saw the number of things i liked. i had to refrain from being too much of a bore to the boys so i passed on but will definitely come back the next time.

this entry is rather lengthy and totally random. this is what happens when you're being forced into doing a job thats not yours, you skive.

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