Tuesday, October 10, 2006

physical discomfort

being sick sucks ass.

the flu is like a permanent state of discomfort where your nose, throat and every other inch of your body feels like it is filled with icky mucus. it sounds pretty disgusting because it is pretty disgusting.

it doesnt help that i have to pretend to please customers with a nose that is begging for a salvation. furthermore, a pompous pimple has emerged at the tip of my nostrils and it feels as though i have been blocked from breathing normally.

imagine the utter discomfort. apart from that, i have a project deadline to meet this wednesday. frankly, i cant be bothered if hrm works in practice or not.

for the first time in two semesters, i think im going to skip class today. i dont think i will miss much except the cheesy lame ass lecturer who tries too hard to be funny. that i can do without.

it is freezing cold in here and i can barely feel my nose. in fact, my nose feels like a small piece of frozen flesh that yearns to be thawed.

words could not describe how much i need and want sleep at the moment. the meds is making me drowsy and ranting like a bitch without sleep. actually, that is what it is.

on a random note, why do some customers smell like a dead rat. they open their mouth or come a metre close to you and the stench is intoxicating. do these people realize that they're pungent and smell like ammonia. are they mere oblivious.

i am having trouble focusing on what im doing. anytime now, my lids might drop heavy. its not like i dont want that to happen. definitely, i will not try to fight it.

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