Monday, October 23, 2006

say lah!


so its the season for celebration. i haven't been much into the spirit of it all until i came across a few videos on on raya. those petronas ads evoke such strong emotions. it is disturbing to think that a 3 minute ad could provoke feelings to such extent.

i guess its all about marketing hari raya now. with that, i seek forgiveness from those i've wronged in the past. who's to say who deserves an apology and who doesn't. we are humans and we are mortified by our sins.

i suspect that my vision has become rather impaired much due to my inability of reading things at a longer distance. age really gets to you, doesn't it.

my room is in an utter mess. i haven't started springcleaning. s'all good though for i am superwoman. thus, i am invincible and i can multitask! *rolls eye at opposite gender*

i caught little miss sunshine last saturday and i thoroughly enjoyed it. its good to know that your entire family could be dysfunctional yet happiness still works in reality. i'm a sucker for anything that says happiness works.

happy happy happiness. ok then!

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