Friday, October 6, 2006

tell telly

i came home early and watched some tv. now, i feel jetlagged. do you get that feeling when you spend a few hours in a row in front of the telly? its only 9pm and i feel like ive lost a great deal of time. incredibly weird.

i have had sucky intermittent connection for the past 3 weeks. it seriously sucks ass. singnet sucks ass. i've had these problems since i signed the contract.

currently, i'm reading salem falls by jodi picoult. i am an avid reader of her books. if you've never read her, perhaps you should try her.

i miss the gilmore girls. i miss downloading episodes after episodes. i miss lorelai, rory and logan huntzberger. i miss their lengthy sentences with a reference to the past and the present.

fasting beats me silly when i'm serving customers. i get the one with bad breath, the loud ones, the one with body odour, the ones who look so uptight like there was a ticking bomb on their ass, the ones who smell solely of tobacco. the apeks with the beer smell, the ones who blames everything on the government, the ones who like to tell your life stories, the ones who expect the world to fall into place once they step into the customer service centre.... get my drift.

i feel anal about ppl who are all positive, happy, optimistic... what are they so happy about...?

come come. misery loves company. yes yes.

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