Monday, November 20, 2006

agnostic theism

this is in response to someone's post.

she said something about being muslim and claiming to be agnostic which seems contradicting and all too problematic.

first and foremost, the malays in our society are muslims by birth. due to westernization, technology, new world order and whatever that is on the menu, cultures and roots are faded.

lets face it, most of us are muslims only by name. we're all going to hell if there is a hereafter. there are many types of agnoticism. perhaps, you could do a research more thorough than i respect your view for that matter but i feel like an explanation is in order before you start stereotyping what this could mean.

i've heard many say that to question is blasphemy but how do you believe without having a hint of wanting once to question. could you fool yourself into believing something your entire life by just acceptance? personally, i find this problematic. perhaps i question because i want to believe. i realize that evidence is everywhere if you look for it.

there is a time and place for everything. there are times when you feel scared and not ready. you're afraid of what you might learn because its bring a heavy mass to your actions. i am not completely oblivious. i have had my times when i believed in it all too strongly.

people fall out with faith for many reasons, most of which i assume is personal. for me, i think that is painful to have to live an eternity. if life here is short-term and heaven is all that and everything you could ever dream of, would everyone in heaven be damn bored skipping around in their kain pelikats? ok, that was a bad joke.

of course, i do believe in the existence of god. its what they call agnostic theism.

"It is reasonable to assert that one may hold a belief, and that belief may be true, without asserting that one knows it. Agnostic Theism could be interpreted as an admission that it is not possible to justify one's belief in god(s) sufficiently for it to be considered known."

we are all on different paths. we all learn the same things differently. if you learnt it first, good for you. for me, spiritual things have alot to do with self-discovery. so before you make your judgements on why a person is behaving the way he or she is, you could do abit more thinking before stereotyping them.

and practice what you preach.

i'm not about to stir another commotion. i realize that this is quite a sensitive issue. you may be opiniated in the things that you well belive in, so can i. i have no bad intentions but this is meant to be a clarification. thats all, don't look too much into it.

good day.

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