Thursday, November 23, 2006

chicken soup

i am going to deduce that i am perpetually cursed when it comes to examinations. today is my last paper for this semester and i am feeling under the weather.

during my last semester, i threw up just before i took my last paper. this morning, i suffered the same symptoms. i do not feel nervous as of now. in fact, i feel rather nonchalant and too tired to give a damn.

what is it about examinations that triggers this in me. i have enough sleep, enough food, enough cigarettes. i dno why my body doesnt agree.

the other day i think i had an anxiety attack. i felt like i could hardly breathe and was almost suffocating. the pink in my health has been discoloured and i feel worse than ever.

i hope for brighter days to come when we can all jump in the sun and dance with our shadows again.


Linda NJ said...

ah. i have that sometimes too. not to the extent of vomitting and all, but yeah, unwell.

but it's ironic for me to be proclaiming "i wish i am a student forever" when asked whether i look forward to being posted to a school and teach soon.

mebbe there's a reason why the gahmen has come up with many initiatives, emphasizing more on holistic education and not stressing kids out with examinations after examinations.

ok i dunno where the hell i am taking this tag to. so i shud just end it here.

Linda NJ said...

oh. pssst. who's that girl na na na na na na (remember Eve? hahah)?
the one you were talking abt in your previous post?

the good die young said...

hello love,

i think its cool to be a student forever. what's not cool is having to work and school. i just finished my exams and now i already have classes today, tmw, tues and weds. its shitty, really.

but yeah, holistic education sounds like a more realistic approach.