Sunday, November 26, 2006


this show is about ordinary people who discover extraordinary powers. i have watched 9 episodes in a span of two days. it is very addictive.

milo, the guy who plays jess in gilmore girls, is innit. hoorah! he mimics other ppl's powers in the show.

but really, the show is all that. it still gets corny especially the part where u save the cheerleader then u save the world. other than that, i have no major complaints.

yesternite was spent at the esplanade with the boys, business as usual. the esplanade has officially gone hardcore street ghetto. three boys were slashed with a parang by another group of boys. there was blood everywhere. who would have thought singapore is so dangerous?

i think education is very important. in school, it may seem like you're learning things that are not practical in the real world, most of it. perhaps, education works as a totality of experiences and it builds the more appropriate morals and principles. i'm not saying that kids who don't go to school are bad and vice versa. education somewhat guarantees that a person has common sense or a more logical way of thinking. but yes, the defination of school and education shouldn't be confused here. so be a good boy, stay in school and put the parang down!

jom california dreaming!


The Venereal One said...

Singapore was never safe to start with. All that media propaganda just adds to the 'clean and green' image that our country, pardon me, island tries to propagate. Willful brainwashing, if you ask me. Sometimes the common man would rather take the road laid out by generations before us than attempt to walk the crossroads. A lot of people have this very wrong concept that we're living in an environment where it is safe to walk in the dark. Crimes aplenty. Reports gone missing. News promoting ignorance and blatant hatred. Everything we know about how statistics are nothing but fabricated numbers apply here in all possible combinations. Then again, we were never meant to live in an utopian world. That kind of world would be devoid of advancements in technology, infrastructure and civilization.

In school, we build on the academic portion of our lives. Pretty relevant by most standards. Education may build more appropriate morals and principles as you've mentioned, sadly, specific to a nation's rules of conduct and lifestyle. In certain countries, people are educated, brainwashed rather, to think in a certain manner. Racism and terrorism are good examples that I need not elaborate on. Education doesn't really guarantee common sense or logical thinking in a person. A lot of educated people out there are morons and devious criminals. How we define criminals is another issue altogether but we will not be proceeding to that junction. You're right on the difference between school and education. Feel free to comment on the couple of cents I've thrown in. Good post nonetheless, heroes part excluded.

the good die young said...

eh, i think your comment longer than my post leh!

i like heroes, okay!

we should all smoke a joint and dance around like hippies do.