Wednesday, November 29, 2006


i am dead beat.

today is a special day for me. i have a new addition to my action figures; the simpsons. yayness! i've had classes for 4 days in a row and i missed out on mind cafe with linda and the rest. but all in all, im still a happy girl. thank you for today. you will always have a special place in my pitch black screwed up heart. that was meant to be a good thing.

i caught 21 grams and clockwork orange. clockwork orange was just too graphic for my liking. the storyline was good but i couldn't stand the raping scenes. anyway, its passe. 21 grams was rather draggy. the story revolved around three strangers who meet coincidentally given time and fate, alot like crash and the mixed up scenes like memento or magnolia. i didn't think it was as good though. it was just too slow. i can bear with richard linklater's slow but this one.

i have a newfound hobby. i officially like to doodle. i draw characters and things that looks slightly like twisted reality. at least i'd like to call it that. i draw comics too! perhaps, i'll scan one soon and put it up. (i highly doubt that will happen)

i love twisted realities, alternate universe and everything else that mocks practicality. maybe i'm not too much of a pragmatist. but yeah, it's always important to strike a balance.

i hate chasing for time. i hate not having enough time to spend with the people who matter. i hate getting up in mornings feeling obligated to go to work. i hate thinking that i have to be something bigger than myself and being me isn't enough. i hate living in a society that pushes me to be someone else or i'll fall behind. i want to kick back with earl grey tea, read a book, have a cigarette on a rainy day and embrace my inner demons. ok, passe!

well, i've gathered that i'm not alone. perhaps, we can all move to tibet or nepal together and embrace happiness. if y'all want to join, we could plan. we could and we should. then again, i'd be handicapped without technology. i sense that much reconciliation is needed between me and nature.

this came from beats society forum. "I dont even know who azrael is and apparently he's the best thing since char kway teow." funny!

ok, long and random. just how i like it. life is random, so am i!

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