Sunday, November 5, 2006

prisoner's dilemma

perhaps, we were better off with nothing rather than having to create problems for ourselves in the form of economy.

ok, maybe not doing nothing but something that you'd have fun at, something you like. people should be allowed to cultivate passion even if they're flatbroke. happiness should be a form of monetary. for every dollar that the economy exchanges, someone's happiness falls short. if we're making billions now, we must be very unhappy people.

it is human to create and further nurture problems. change can only come in the form of revolution. who has time to start a revolution when i was tryna work my ass off living on a shoestring budget and finding ways and means to make it through, if not make it, in this world.

if we didn't start these for ourselves, we wouldnt have had to face greed, poverty and worlds at different extremities. it would all be simpler, if not simple. but then, the world could never find a voice that marches in unison. there are always those who strive higher and steps on another's happiness in pursuance of their greedy aspirations.

who instilled these aspirations. is this all part and parcel of a bigger plan?

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