Sunday, November 5, 2006

snow brigade

i could think of a few ways of how i intend to kill you. it will please me to watch you suffer for an eternity overpowered by me.

u son of a bitch. i will not let you get away at the expense of any amount of pain you have managed to inflict on me.

my sole existence revolves around me wanting revenge against you. i will see to many days of you begging for mercy in helplessness.

you've nurtured a hate in me that kills me as much as it makes me alive. for that, i will repay you by instilling pain in your world by teaching you what its like to live in a world that falters at the sight of hope.

i will do this. i will live to see to your suffering. of course, it doesn't make me feel any better. if i'm going to be unhappy, i might as well take the root of the suffering down with me.

i wonder if science and genetics has anything to do with your sheer stupidity and selfishness. in other words, are your goddamned parents, grandparents, great grandparents, ancestors and your entire bloodline as fucked up as you are? i suppose that you must gotten it somewhere. you are a pathetic excuse for existence and god was probably trying to create living proof of his humour.

it amazes me to see how you strive to live in the world of pain that i have created for you. do yourself a favour and put an end to your own suffering. nobody fucking wants you to live, not even your goddamned parents. put that steel blade on your wrists and taste your own salvation.

you have transformed me into this that i often to fail to identify who i am anymore. congratulations. i will kill you in the same way you killed me.

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