Friday, December 29, 2006

lack of colour

life is about the simple things. this is me trying to be that optimistic pessimist.

life shouldn't be about having a job or planning your entire future or saving enough money to have ten children or wondering how late you are for work or waiting for your next promotion.

its the little things like laughing with your friends, getting your feet wet in the rain, getting your hands dirty, making funny faces and all that that is enjoyable. it makes life a little easier to hold on to, a little more bearable.

hope killed the dreams of many men. on the contrary, its hard to be happy without hope. even false hope makes you happy for a short span of time despite its bigger blunders.

then happiness should have more to do with perspective. its easy to give up and fall back to watch the entire world pass you by.

human nature is not simple by nature. given many external factors, its easy to lose yourself when you don't know where you're headed.

if life was mapped with fate and destiny, we would turn to our last page to know the ending first. i wish i knew what was in store. at the end of it all, the biggest present you receive is life itself.

i want a better present since its my birthday. yappy yappy birthday to me! today, hope has given me a reason to stay.

pardon me as i age and move one step closer to my pre-destined journey.

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