Thursday, December 7, 2006

slow like honey, heavy with mood

thunders could make music, lightnings could bend space and time. this was the world in which jenigma lived in, a world which was universally oppressed and emotionally charged.

little was left for a little girl at a young age of sixteen but to conform to the world she had known. the world stood beneath her feet, contradicting itself louder than an oxymoron. she could take long walks to make-belief that her existence was evidence of the head of the sun. it was her shadows who told little lies and hid from the truth.

she couldn't decide which was more real. she could see her silhouette without the sun, she would visualize her own little details given an empty canvas but was this enough evidence that this was all real?

sixteen and suffering from an identity crisis. would time reveal her inner demons? would her inner demons define who she will be? was identity a temporary thing? she was known differently to different people. was she a few different people all at one time? which one of these different people would be harnessed into the permanent reality of her future.

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