Thursday, January 4, 2007

course of action

i am halfway through a course on personal effectiveness and i sorta think its mere bullshit despite it being a convenient excuse from work.

courses like these share questions which are constructed to be either left or right, black or white. it is highly problematic when you try to classify one's behaviour or feelings as yes or no when our behaviour and feelings vary from one extreme end to another, given different situations.

personally, i enjoy being random. i haven't set any long-term personal goals and i don't exactly know where i'm headed ten years from now. if i had a long-term personal goal, it is to be insanely happy, being with the people i love and doing the things i love. there's a catch to being able to do the things that you love on a full-blown scale; these things could end up to be chores leaving you with less happy things to do.

for example: i love writing but it doesn't necessarily make me a good writer. if i became a writer, i would have pressured to churn pages of melancholy within a limited span of time. that sorta kills the fun of it all.

the trainer said that if you don't plan, you plan to fail. that logic works for me on the forseeable future but i fail to understand it for the latter part. we are many different people at different parts of our lives and we want different things at these different times. if i had a plan, i'd have to re-work it a thousand times. doesn't that make it better to be without a plan in the first place since you're not sticking to the original one.

so i say don't plan!. live and let live like a true blue malay.

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haha, sempat promo! the marketing part of me is dying to come out. . .

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