Thursday, February 22, 2007

tissue paper culture

the other day, a friend was telling me about the tissue paper culture. if you dont know yet, this is the culture of office workers during lunchtime. they use packets of tissue paper to substantiate their presence. from an outsider's perspective, it seems ridiculous. i would think so too but 2.5 years of a no-brainner job has taken taken its toll on me and i feel the need to defend my fellow office workers.

i am an office worker, civil servant and eternal slave of the system. i have one miserable hour of freedom in the form of lunch and i dedicate the other eight hours to my ungodly job. during my hour of salvation. i would very much like to sit down and enjoy my food during lunch. with such little time, i should maximize whereever possible. surely, i can't leave my wallet or rather the hole in my pocket on the table. only the utmost pathetic human being will steal a goddamned packet of tissue paper.

office lunchtime is between 12pm to 2 pm. why is the rest of the privileged public breathing our air, taking our seats, making the noise and writing in newspaper forums when they have the rest of the hours to eat at their own ease. if you're lunching between 12pm to 2pm near office areas, then you're on my turf and you should play by my rules. we can't chase you away and half the time we really don't care about your existence until you ridicule us slaves. so if you're breathing my air during those mentioned hours, i'll let your hundreds of children noise-pollute and eat my food if you hold your peace and let me have my seats. deal?

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