Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the beat that my heart skipped

yesterday was mummy's birthday. she's as beautiful as ever. i was writing her a card and i started wondering what i had previously written on her older birthday cards. i must have written at least 10 birthday cards for her. could all the content be the same? i must have said the same things over and over again. next year, i'll be more adventurous! i should store all the birthday cards i receive and compare its content from year to year. (add this to one-of-the-random-things-i-can-do-when-i'm-bored-list)

i got home early today and i watched russian dolls. it was quite enjoyable, much like alfie but better. i liked the soundtrack too. the lead actor, romain duris, also acted in the beat that my heart skipped which i also enjoyed. he looks like a breed between adam brody and a french woman with a bit more mystery. see, see!

ok. now pick a time of love and mystery and i'll be there anytime.

i've not been doing much the past week because school is out of season! no classes sounds like good news at any given time or place. we were supposed to perform at expo last saturday but the organisers were pretty screwed up and we ended up wasting a saturday. there were two kids singing on top of their goddamned voices and it felt like hell had froze over. it was cute for one song but five was the loneliest number. there was this little girl, barely eight, dancing her booty off on stage. pedophile's galore but unsightful to everyone else. exploitation seh!

ok. im off to watch prison break and continue being the unproductive person that i am.


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wo ho ho ~

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(aku dah pandai post picture niii)

hi mok!