Tuesday, March 6, 2007

can't sleep

so its 2.22AM and i can't sleep. i've been staying up till 4AM for the past few days to do revision and my body clock is official messed up.

the economics paper was a killer. i've been quarantined to the parameters of a small room for the last few days and i didn't even turn on the peecee to hook up with the latest gossips. i miss 'stumble!'!

exams for this semester are over and done with. i don't think i'll pass econs but let bygones be bygones la. i've noticed that in the constraints of my room, peecee and hp during the exam period that my classmates are practically my part-time best friends. we call each other up everyday to update one another on our study progress and how much we still don't know but need to know. geeky eh!

so after the paper, i went to chill at zaril's crib with aizat and zul. its so nice to be normal again. its nice to be able to talk people and crack unfunny jokes. its my thing la. i had a ball of a time and i've finished recording xs the resistance.

so yeah, i can't sleep. i'm going to try harder.

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