Monday, March 26, 2007

good news

i've had swollen patches all over my arms and legs for over a month already. the patches itch like a bitch and leaves a bruise after the swell goes down. the bruises stay and don't fade away. i've been paying visits to the doctor and they cost like a motherfucker.

this morning, i had to go for a biopsy because the blood test did not show any results. the biopsy will leave me with a scar. luckily, i got the scars at a bargain; 2 scars for $300. i've blowed more than $600 for this allergy and i'm still completely unaware of what it is. grrreat. apparently, there is something amiss, something irregular in my blood. so that makes me halfway there i suppose. good news for people who love bad news.

and er, i don't have insurance so if anything goes wrong, i will die a poor daughter of a mother and leave y'all as poor as ever. fortunately though, my classmate gave me a surprise call me to catch up and he did me favour by checking if i could still be re-imbursed for whatever i've paid.

most times, i think i'm so lucky to have you and you've made life easier for me. right now, you're not my favourite person. i don't need your lectures, i get that at least twice a week in school. so go school someone else. your support is just fine but if you're not keen on that, i would appreciate silence. oh well, i suppose you're doing things the only way you know how. thats fine, i suppose.

so with all thats well and fine with this world, good night.

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radya wong said...

you really should go for some blood diagnosis. get well soon.

and get some insurance while you're at it.