Sunday, April 22, 2007

fragile things

my project deadline is within the next 24 hours. i'm almost done with the project xept i did everything rather sloppishly and half the time i'm only making sense to me, which is normal, for me at least. but i'd pretty much do anything to get it over and done with.

on a lighter note, i received my exam results for the previous semester. i'm sorry but i have to gloat because numbers and figures are not my forte and i expected the sky to fall down on me when i see my results slip. i, the not so clever not so stupid girl, topped the class for financial reporting and corporate finance.

i am extremely surprised because i hated that module and my classmate conveniently commented that i suck at that topic and how did i ever manage to pass the module in poly. ahah, i have proof that a lot of patience does sometimes take you somewhere. the watchwords here are 'a lot of patience'. normally, patience is just an old boring lady :P

my movie downloads are taking forever and a day to finish and its already 9pm. only a few more hours to monday and it marks the start of a new circle in the old vicious cycle.

i'm going to scoff down some pizza now. i swear pizza home delivery services is the reason for my entire living existence every sunday. you should make it yours too...

anyway, here's a pretty picture of dana, shane and the evil woman who tricked helena. katherine moennig and i share the same birthday! this one, i willingly gloat lor.

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