Sunday, April 15, 2007

lene on me

i'm still so sleepy and hungry despite the fact that i woke up at 3pm today and i had a huge lunch. i feel like i can eat an entire cow but i'm only settling for chicken. how frustrating.

yesternite was spent watching the number 23 and restlessness saw us chilling at freaky z's crib. we saw some videos and i copped some ill star wars freebies. according to the 23 theory, the world ends in 2012, which is blinks away. its a scary thought. i think its about time we joined the dream team la.

on friday night, we had free invites to watch freestyle: the art of rhyme somewhere at winsland house. very nostalgic tau. then, we went to youth park for dinner and i had some evil looking "gon gon". its quite disgusting and it doesn't even taste good.

king ended up using my workstation for the xs video and its pretty funny. we saw the raw cuts of all the videos yesterday and it was quite silly. and of course, i'm all for silly. truth be told, i am really excited about the compilation. it was alot of fun meeting at azrael's place, writing and recording it with the very eccentric alang; the backbone of xs.

i think its high time i start on my school project which in due so soon. the learn server fucked up and i can't see my exam results when all my classmates know whether they've progressed on to the next semester. technology is not trustworthy.

ok, project.

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