Wednesday, May 23, 2007

defy gravity

The night falls beneath the world's eyes which blinded mother earth. Hemin could hear her cries in the still of the night. Silence crept on four walls and painted the night with white noise. Constricted by the regularities, Hemin was compelled to feel a need to break away from gravity and walk on ceilings while the moon played a random tune in sync with his heartbeat.

When the flow of nature was consistent with his heartbeat, he felt the beauty of faith and he let go of all his insecurites. With that, he understood his own being amidst fate and destiny.

The prophecy had came true. There was no need for further evidence. We're ruled by the same kingdom, confined by the same system. He cannot dissect the invisible bars alone. He embraced his existence and filled the void in his soul with his renewed faith. His own denial had trapped him in the misery of an abyss for too long.

Tonight, he confessed to his own mess and relief came in the form of faith. Tonight, his spirit defied gravity.

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