Thursday, May 24, 2007

drop it like it's not hot

i was bored and browsing through myspace and i noticed something peculiar about people.

why is it that girls post 10 pictures with exactly the same pose of themselves? these pictures are not funny, thought-out, nice or whatever. well, they don't really have to be all that but giving multiple shots with different backgrounds pretty much accounts for how anally interesting you are. if you think you look pretty in that pose, post the picture once, that is enough to get the message across. we'll get it, promise!

and there are so many boys 'cam-whoring'. i'm sorry but i've always thought that men/boys and vanity aren't synonymous. i guess they are now. if you're hot, you're hot. you don't have so try so hard!

there are so many people fetching comments like 'you're so hot/cute/pretty/handsome' yadda yadda yadda. have people turned so insecure that they need a website for others to make themselves feel better or do they just want a constant reminder of their beauty.

then there are those with nothing much to say and drop 'stupid' all over the place. and what is up with the spam comments?

humans and their irrationality make good entertainment, so entertain on people.


azrael.xs said...

"New pics are up. Comment please!!!"

Anonymous said...


i said...

"cute pose"

"vogue pose"

"emo pose"

"sexy pose"

4 elements of pictures.