Thursday, May 31, 2007

forgetful lucy

Have you ever taken goggles into the shower with you ?
yes but that was way back when i could still fit into a pail of water. i was trying to test my breathing abilities...

Do you feel bad for a spider when someone steps on it ?
hmmm not really.

Have you ever wondered why M&M's are the color they are ?
its a conspiracy. all of the colours taste the same. i suppose its something psychological.

Did you memorize how to spell supercalafragilisticexpealedocious ?
isn't it supercali?

Do you know the names of all the American presidents ?
no. but i vote for hilary clinton!

Do you still wonder if Elvis is alive ?

Have you ever tried to jump off the roof of your house ?
i'd have to be suicidal for this. plus my neighbour's roof is my roof.

Do you consider any/all blondes to be dumb ?
thats a stereotype, so no.

Do you have TV's in your house ?
but of course.

Do you hear voices ?
i hear adam sandler singing forgetful lucy on my pc if thats what you mean.

Is your favorite color tangerine ?
no. my favourite colour is green!

Is your favorite food turtle soup ?
hell no. thats gross. reminds me of cannibal holocaust which doesn't do much for my taste buds.

Have you ever watched an entire episode of the teletubbies ?
yea. they're freaky. i prefer barney!

Did you ever think that the government was spying on you ?
these wall have eyes!

Do you cover yourself in tin-foil, and put coat hangers on the ceiling ?
huh. nooo.

Have you ever won a contest in which you had to guess ?
i'm not much fun so i don't enter these contests.

Can you fling stuff out of your nose ?
if i blow really hard, i could use boogers as bullets. thats gross.

Do you know the meaning of life ?
can i use wikipedia to answer this question?

Do you count down the amount of days left in the school year ?
i count months, not days.

Do you see dead people ?
no and i dont intend to.

Is this a yes or no question ?
yes and no!

Do you enjoy tight clothing ?
i enjoy having my 50 gallon belly hanging out my tight clothing cos im happy like that!

Do you sleep with the lights on ?

Do you consider money to be a form of evil ?
not really. we humans just need something convenient to blame. we are the cause of our own greed and misery.

Have you ever had the urge to have a pickle and peanut butter sandwich ?
no. but that boy in little rascals made pickles look real nice.

Do you or have you ever enjoyed using yo-yo's ?
yea. in secondary school.

Do you believe in superstition ?
i'm not supersticious if thats what you're asking.

Do you like Diet soda ?

Do you watch cartoon shows everyday ?
i watch the simpsons whenever i have the time but i cant afford to do it daily.

Do you read books for fun ?
yes. i'm currently reading a book called lullaby by chuck palahniuk. its about a culling song which is used to kill people and i should use it kill whoever who wrote these questions and believed in superstition.

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Linda NJ said...

i like diet soda.

very much.