Tuesday, May 1, 2007


in the 25th hour, edward norton quoted murphy's law: whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. i think that fits a very accurate observation of things, you best believe.

with that in mind, when things do go wrong, we find reasons and roots of how it went wrong. more importantly, we want someone to blame for it. we blame ourselves for our misdoings, we blame society, we blame the system, we blame our loved ones, we blame strangers, we blame fate. at times, we even blame god. perhaps, we are asking the wrong questions. we shouldn't be asking for who to blame and even if we find the right people responsible for the mishappenings, it wouldn't make things any simpler. revenge does not make anyone feel better, think about it.

its about time that we asked the right questions, the ones that matter. the past can make or break you. give the past a break and pass the baton to the present because the future is only how you make today.

we are young and we still have much to learn about the world. i have to admit it is easy for your faith to slip when your foundation was built on wet soil but once you hit the ground, you succumb to your own nature and you look up to see the possibilities.

someone mentioned to me that i was rejecting faith. maybe, that person was right. i believe that we shouldn't follow blindly and we need to believe it with our hearts and our minds will follow. my heart takes lead now and my mind will gladly obey.

i believe not because someone mentioned that the end could be nearer than we think. i believe not because i was born into this nor do i believe because i was influenced. instead, i believe because you are the way to loving me. because without you, i wouldn't exist. because you give me the strength to live in world of adversaries. we aren't perfect but there is beauty in the breakdown.

people hurt people because people are people. honestly, it doesn't matter to me anymore. i trust you and all that you present to me. i trust in the good and the bad. i will take the baby steps and brace myself for the bigger embrace.

"cause no matter who you are, its still Allah hu Akbar" - Tekniq


radya wong said...

big ups to that!

Linda NJ said...

oh, i believe we were supposed to have a part deux.


The Venereal One said...

A post like this deserves kudos and yes, of course, an inevitable comment from yours truly.

Having briefly touched on the tendency to blame oneself and everything else we can get our hands and minds on, these questions come to mind. Your uncanny parable of revenge and blaming things is amusing but if no one or nothing is to take the blame for something, then what happens? Do you think that if one does not accept that blame or push that blame on someone or something else, that things would move forward? Will letting things remain as they are move the world, let alone, move you?

These right questions you speak of but never elaborate because of Man's individualistic nature is acceptable but what defines a right question? One that comes from the mind, heart or both? Where in the insanity of it all, do we attain enlightenment that such a question is deemed right? Wouldn't it be subjected to our current framework of mind? Wouldn't it be subjected to biasness there and then? Asking a right question isn't important but asking an all important question be it right or wrong, whichever that changes your current situation into one that makes it all better is far superior. But that's just me.

It is always intriguing in my eyes when someone is on the edge of leaning forward or backward with regards to faith. You have leaned forward and I trust that you will accustom yourself to faith being an enhancement as compared to a necessity in one's life. Faith is not something that can be rejected because it is a feeling. However one can reject a belief in a particular religion. Faith and religion, with respect to both words, are two completely separate identities. One must truly learn to identify what each means and the purpose each holds. Then only will one realize where one really stands when to comes to these things.

On a lighter note, I'm ready when you wish to embrace me. Heh.

adrenalene.xs said...

if you find the right person who is solely responsible for whatever things that went wrong in your life and manifest hate and revenge towards that person, you should ask yourself if making this other person hurt makes you feel any happier.

it may make you feel better for abit but in the long run, you will be as miserable as you were in the first place. we should all give ourselves a chance to be happy. so fuck the things that went wrong and turn the tables to make it right.

if we attempt to put blame in their respective places, we might ignore the bigger part of ourselves and lose ourselves in this vicious cycle.

the right questions are those that answers the wrong ones.