Friday, May 18, 2007

zilch mile

i am a few hours to my exams. i woke up at 7am this morning to do some last minute memory work but all that effort has gone to waste. i feel like my head is an empty jar which is temporarily storing alot of exam information which will be thrown to the sewers once the exam is done.

i do not feel emotionally distressed but my body does not agree. i've puked five times this morning and paid uncountable visits to the ladies because of this physical discomfort. i don't feel particularly nervous or stressed but apparently my body is more paranoid than my mind! this happens everytime i have exams. its ridiculous!

i highly suspect that exams are my version of 8 mile! heh. anyway, i emailed my essays to the lecturer based on the sample exam questions and i think i blew my chance of passing this one. he said that the essay was thorough and good but but but a human can only write the same essay once. i can't possibly have enough brain cells to memorise two entire essays! and if the first one was good, the re-written version would be pure crap. for example, the first time you watch saw, its quite impressive how someone goes to twisted measures to teach someone the value of life but saw 2 was just a follow up. i think the same rationale works here.

anyways, i've got 2 hours left before doomsday and 7 more days to the bigger doomsday. i only wish for mercy and forgiveness... :P

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