Thursday, June 28, 2007

i am

i am just a girl who enjoys being around her loved ones. the girl who has little aspirations but believes that a woman with a book is more lethal than a man with a gun. i enjoy funny conversations about nothingness because everyone else is trying so hard to appear intellectual. i say, there's always more to learn about the world; the answers you seek will only find more questions so don't beat yourself silly if you don't know many things. common sense over dollars. simpletons over pretentious creeps. i will not prove my wits to you but i can be occasionally witty. i think i think funny. i think ignorance is bliss because realization is a bitch. i treasure my friends even though i don't see them everyday and respect them for who they are. it is a love that i don't understand. i like walking home when it rains so i can get drenched and feel like nothing else matters. i do silly dances in front of those i'm comfortable with and you can laugh at me when i can laugh at myself. i love jazz oldies because they make me feel nostalgic and calms my soul like how the wind reminds me of beauty. i am in love with love because love loves me too. i am a daughter of woman whose strength and courage i admire. like others, i magnify my weaknesses. i can be ten different people in a day but i try not be pretentious even though pretentious is at times useful. i read to know how others think and feel and i cannot stop when i'm nearing the last pages only to hate the feeling that the story has ended. i cannot stand lies and it makes me so mad that i can kill you and despise your entire existence. i am quick to forgive, hard to love and easy to hate only because i let myself be. if you read this, you'll know that i am quite a simple person because i am. my emotions drives who i am each day. i am the ultimate psychobabbler. i come home late every night hoping i'll get enough sleep for the next day. so good night.

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Linda NJ said...

that's a lot of entries in a short span of 2 days!

are you okaaaaaaaaaaay?

and of cos you are a simple person. that's wat i like best about you. =)))