Wednesday, June 27, 2007

it was written

i've often wondered if fate and destiny was written then it becomes pointless in making an effort. for e.g. it is pointless for a man who is predestined to fail to make an effort.

recently, it has occurred to me that we plan to fail if we keep that mindset. the secret to wielding the future is in the present. you use the present to improve the future and learn to live each day like it is your last. the present holds secrets to your future. come to think of it, the future is a gradual path which gives the present symptoms. then it should be that the rest is up to you.

if you don't grab the present with both hands, you will let it slip past tense. well, this isn't anything new but it just came across my mind.

we often fear change because it is the unknown. we fear because we're in our comfort zones and have grown attached to the environment, the people and the material things. sometimes, we have to remove these to test our limits and understand what we can achieve. perhaps, what keeps you on solid ground also holds you back from taking flight to ascend to greater heights.

eh wait, this sounds like alot of optimistic crap and un-azlin. hmmm, i think i am about ready to evolve into phoenix. yesssarr!

on another random note, i cannot stand people who don't take time to learn. you sit in a room for five minutes and you want to teach the entire world. patience is not my virtue but i don't try to cap a bottle that is half-empty. you cannot make or break the world if your foundation was as stable as a penny deciding on heads or tails. i have as much to learn as you do and unless you're teaching me something new, i don't appreciate your non-constructive criticism on matters which weren't meant to be grasped in full.

so go read a book, fly a kite, make children or rear a sheep because the world is having much fun without you.

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