Sunday, June 24, 2007

the not so prestigious prestige

i just came home from 65 n hope. honest to goodness, i've never been one who likes performing in front of a crowd and attempt evoking audio emotions. i like staying behind the monitor and i enjoy embracing the virtual reality.

despite these sentiments, i still enjoyed the show thoroughly. it was so good to see the energy and the determination from the xs people. i love xs! life and time has enforced many social norms on the common man but being in xs feels like i'm breaking at least one norm. well, at least thats how i feel about them.

one of the best sets has to be bless. his set was rather expressive and he always sounds fresh.

we ended up in arab street, business as usual. everyone was pretty damn drained from the lack of sleep since most of them had spent the night at freaky z's to get their act right for the show. i had my cd autographed by the beautiful people and ate my mixed sausages with wedges. thanks for coming, linda! my dear maria gave me a flower, so sweet!

the world knows the simple ways to a girl's heart. before i end my night, i'd end on this note; i love xs!


azrael.xs said...

xs loves you back!

adrenalene.xs said...

ella ella eh eh eh!