Saturday, June 9, 2007

ration rationality

stop rationalizing your actions by deluding yourself into thinking that you're being sensible. if time reveals that your sensibility is beyond the parameters of comprehension, what makes sense then?

i've had enough of this hell hole of an office which offers me a meager salary to compensate my misery. i'm not motivated and will never be to your mental slavery. i've spent 2.5 years of my life trying to fulfil your expectations, left disappointed, reacted with disappointment, fed on your false hopes and fucked all over again.

lets quit our day jobs and busk on the streets for money. that spells a better price for freedom. honestly, i am tired. i am not an ardent fan of your works and "wonders". you can pay your ministers the billions of dollars they're worth and pretend to give your increment to charity. we don't need a fucking charity. we need a fucking revolution but i think we've all reached a common understanding that the only revolution that will come to us will be in the form of an armageddon because we, the blasphemous people of this contemporary world, are the biggest sinners.

we sin because its convenient. we sin because its fun. we sin because there is nothing left to do. and for whatever reason we've sinned, the only promise we can make is that we'll sin again. so here i stand with my offerings in the form of sins because there is nothing left.

repent before its too late. but then again, i'm never on time.

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