Tuesday, July 31, 2007

common beauty for common people for common reasons

what ever happened to being fat and happy? why does society make women feel so bad about gaining a few kilos? why isn't it easy to be oblivious about this and pursue true happiness and satisfaction?

i supposed we've all been instilled with the many wrong values about beauty through our environment i.e. media, marketing. when it comes to beauty, we're infected by cataract and our perception is completely distorted. we can't help that our perception is subconsciously governed by our environment. we think the same thoughts, same ideas and arrive at similar decisions.

some days ago, i watched a dove advert about our distorted perception of beauty. it is a simple ad which carries a clear and concise message that i think the world needs to learn. i will join or lead a campaign for the plus-sized women who does not suffer anorexia or bullimia. seriously, what is the point of enjoying a glorious sumptuous meal if you are about to throw it up to quench the toilet bowl's thirst?

i don't think i've met a girl who hasn't mentioned to me that she is fat despite being a skinny mofo. and i for one am also guilty of such. isn't it sad?

i propose that the "fat women" take charge of marketing so that we can instill the idea that common beauty shouldn't be a stereotype and it should be beyond skin. the blacks know how to appreciate booty. that is one thing that we should all learn from them :P

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