Tuesday, July 10, 2007

its a malay

KL was oodles and oodles of fun. there were nine of us and i'm sure each and every one of us had a good time. we owed much of that to our dear friends in KL. we're forever grateful! we watched die hard, went to a couple of night markets, had dinner at some rustic places, coffeeshops, smoked sheesha and did much damage to our tiny pockets.

it was so good that i only hope my permanent reality was as such. we didn't spend much time in the heart of the city which was uber cool because everything in the city is pretty much a replica of singapore except for the price tags. we were supposed to go to some rural ass place with a waterfall but plans fell short because we got too sleepy.

aaand bitter tuesday has come and here i am, back in front of the monitor which is my sad permanent reality. the deal is that life isn't a holiday. the consolation is that life is a prolonged rollercoaster ride. i came into the office this morning to read some junk emails about some guy with too much time and a good vocab writing an article on how we can change our lives. gee, that just takes too much effort. i'm malay; in other words, i'm lazy and will never do anything out of the ordinary in my entire life.

in the words of the wise king, " itssss a malay!"

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