Thursday, July 26, 2007


the rage is back.
hold it, embrace it, kill it.
you can use your substances, they have proven worthy in these times.
don't think twice. don't hold back.
tomorrow will just be part of another vicious cycle. don't try to fool yourself into making it virtuous.
you can't change. don't refrain because it is your nature to fall and sink deeper.
if you embrace your fall, you would be prepared for anything. do yourself a favour and cushion the pain.
they recognize pretence because they've played the same game before.
there is no point in being the pessimist who tries to be optimistic.
you can't tell a tree to forget its roots.
you've sunk so well and it is the only thing you know best.
let the fool fall. let the fool dance. let the fool rant.

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