Monday, August 27, 2007


i feel like a senior citizen who stinks of the undesirable and my entire existence is governed by the heavy lifting i did through the years. my eyes are heavy of sin and suffering and my glare reflects the void of spirit that encompasses my being. i am undesirable with skin pigmented from wear and tear and hips that once bore a child. i am the opposite of your stellar female. thus, making me stellar unfemale. i am venus as a boy.

i am an ungodly creature who never lived by any principles. i roam in streets and share laughter with fake friends. fake friends who make me feel like i'm more of a person. fake friends who i will lose in the near future.

i feel like breaking mirrors when i see my reflection because i am already perpetually cursed. what is another seven years. how did society make me believe that i could be invincible, that i was a woman and i was good at multi-tasking.

maybe, i am good at multi-tasking. i multi-task these feelings so well so that they come out only when i summon them. i am as old as sin. the unborn child knows faith better than i do.

faith. faith is meant for some ppl. faith isn't meant for me.

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