Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Our world is so fragile because it was built on a pile of broken promises. Why do we bother to save ourselves from this vicious cycle which morphs us into zombies governed by bigger lies?


Hope is silly. I am silly. Thus, I hope. I hope for a better tomorrow. For a world in which strangers don't act strange. For people to take long walks and enjoy nature and the beauty of night. For a relationship that wasn't governed by ownership. For people to have time and embrace their passions. For people to learn that beauty shouldn't be stereotyped. For people to learn the importance of being silly.

Perhaps, I am wishful but I hope for those who hope. I hope for those who find strength amidst breakdowns. I admire courage. I admire fear. I admire sadness. I admire love. I admire happiness. I admire truth.

We stand so far in between the most important things that we fall through cracks deeper than we know. It is the people around us who remind us that life is worth living.

I know a girl whom I hold dear to. She is better than a shrink, she is a friend. She holds absolute truth in her and she appreciates those around her. She is beautiful but she doesn't believe so because she is too conscious about fitting into a size six.

I know a boy who says nothing and acts like nothing. He keeps quiet and responds awkwardly when a word is spoken to him. I've seen his expressions and I recognize his feelings. He buried his own hatchet and made peace with permanent solitude. His eyes reflected of silence and loneliness. I wish I were his friend and we would have shared laughter to lighten his burden.

I know a boy who came to a stranger when she was in tears. The boy was a stranger to the girl stranger but he came to comfort, nonetheless. This is the heart of a boy. This is the heart of a stranger. He took her out for a cup of tea and shared with her his life escapades in order to be a temporary distraction for her to learn how to breathe again.

I know of a certain someone who stood by family against all odds. It didn't take a family member to die to be present. He would share conversations with grandparents and parents to make them feel like they're worth his time. He may be a liar, a bastard, an ingrate and a selfish bastard but for this, i respect who he is and what i'm not. I am the daughter who stood too late at her father's deathbed wishing there was a minute more. For that, I'll rot in an eternity of regret.

I know of a better someone who remains understanding and compromising. So compromising, that he compromises who he is for the people who aren't worth his time. He is full of talent and intelligence but he does not see it due to his lack of self-esteem. He is the most beautiful person I know and he will always remain a favourite person of mine.

There is much beauty in this world that we look but not see.

I have to be anti-climax about this piece. So here goes. If we weren't so messed up, we wouldn't be having much fun in this world. Problems make our lives interesting even though we shouldn't seek it. There wouldn't be a good time if there wasn't a bad time to differentiate it. So I guess it must be about having a balance and finding peace of mind even though my mind is scattered into pieces.

So, pieces. Not peace.

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