Thursday, September 20, 2007

the boredom strikes back

1. Learn anything new? everyday!
2.Talked to an ex? something like that
3.Miss someone? the beautiful people at sp services
4.Laid in your bed? lying on the bed is so passe cos that is all i've been doing!
5. You went to the movies with? friends
6. Went to the mall with you? is mustaffa centre a mall? if so, with zul then.
7. You showered with? my imaginary friend..
8. Made you laugh? me!!!
9. Hugged you? mummy
10. What are you most scared of this second? err, i dno man.
11. Where do you want to get married? at some reasonably fancy place which in itself is contradicting.
12. Does anyone like you? but i hate everyone
13. Do you like being around people? i am not a people person but i like being around people i like. get it get it get it?
14.Have you ever cried? thats like asking have u ever wanked
15. Are you lonely right now? they say one is the loneliest number but i'm pretty damn entertained by myself
16. Song stuck in your head? stronger kanye
17. Been on radio/TV? yes
18. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap? if you ever treat me like crap, i'll... you'll see!
19. What color shirt are you wearing right now? unfortunately pink.
20. Name three things that you do everyday? shower, smoke and sleep
21. How many views do you have on your Friendster right now? not many, i reckon
22. Are you bored? if i'm doing this, i think the answer is pretty obvious
23. What web site do you visit the most? but its addictive ok!!!
24. Do you have plants in your room? plants take too much time and they die anyway.
25. Who was the last person to hug you? eh tadi dah ada question ni kan
26. What is your display name about? its a song by incubus
27. Where was your default picture taken? off the internet
28.What's your current relationship status? not here not there but everywhere
29. If someone were to tell you how they felt, would you listen? no. unless i care about u. you dont go around asking strangers if they would like to listen to your life's problem.
30. What's your current mood? pretty zen. feeling hungry. opps.
31. What's your most valued possession? i value nothing. dont let your possessions possess you. chey! mcm ye.
32. If you could go back in time and change something, would you? there would be too many things to change and the present would be different. chaos theory and all. so i wouldnt change a thing.
33. If you must be an animal for a day, what would you be? dont want. i dont like animals
34. Ever had a near death experience? yes sorta
35. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? their face.. obviously, you dont look at their crotch first....
36. What do you usually order from Starbucks? tea or something
37. Do you still watch kiddy shows? lizzie mcguire, arnold, the brothers garcia, even stevens. so fun!
38. Do you speak in other language? i speak malay like a mofo (tak leh cakap motherfucker pasal bulan puasa)
39. Is there someone on your mind right now? not really
40. What hurts you at the moment? my ass hurts from all the bumming.

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