Sunday, October 7, 2007

and so it is

if we re-trace our daily movements, we will often find that we contradict ourselves. we are the walking contradiction, the daily oxymoron. there is no bigger agenda. we are the sinister of our own lives.

given so, we pass judgments on people despite our very incomplete selves. there is no one in this world who is truly good or truly bad. and if there was a discrimination between good and bad people, even bad people try to be good.

if you linger around the extremities of any emotion, thought or action, you will lose balance. you need focus to persevere but these other savage beasts will not let you win without a fight. it is after all a dog-eat-dog world. these indifferent people embrace bigotry for there isn't much left in this world for them to satisfy their lack of being. you are the reason why good intentions turn into frail attempts, the reason why good people become bad.

so if you're thinking about passing a judgment on a good cause, pass on. after all, i'm a girl. i'll take an argument from antarctica to uganda to india just to prove a point because i'm human like that.

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