Friday, October 19, 2007



how was your raya? mine was mediocre. i'm not close to family so i only see most of them on that faithful day, once a year that is. i have no major complaints. it was all good.

i have been bumming for the past month or so. recently, i took up driving. i've gone for two practicals so far and i have to admit, its kinda fun to operate a machine that is bigger than my physical being. yes, i am easily amused.

i've been missing friends and ex-colleagues (who are also friends). i swear my tummy looks real happy from the overload of ketupat and rendang. so, i conveniently placed a bet with my cousins that i will win the biggest tummy award next year raya. so far, i've made conscientious efforts. hopefully, my plans follow through. besides, more flesh should be in season considering that the female artists in mtv's vma i.e. britney, beyonce, rihanna, alicia keys has shown considerable flesh gain. the hour glass is back! move! skinny bitches.

okay then, okgo!

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