Monday, October 29, 2007


i sense profound fear beyond human understanding, defying all logic and going against gravity. i dread. i really dread examinations.

thus far, i've covered several topics and i've learnt that singapore isn't a democratic society! i can't believe i've pledged allegiance to democracy every morning for the past ten years. well, our political system is based on representative democracy i.e. mps representing the entire population but in entirety, we're not a liberal democracy. so, that really makes us totalitarian right? meaning, one political party ruling the entire country while the rest of us work like zombies. we don't even have a totally independent press.

its not like i care whether singapore is a democratic society or communist or whatever. besides, i'm just a plankton in the vast ocean. my microscopic existence is but a speck of dust, what more an opinion. while i learn about politics from books and newspapers, i've learned from life that there isn't much purpose in trying to change something that you have no control over. so i say, kill everybody! take over the world and have fun while you're at it.

globalisation has turned all of us into homogeneous groups of people. we watch the same shows, we listen to the same music, we wear the same brands, we behave like monkeys, we worship the devil etc etc. i bet the powers-to-be decided that managing diversity was in itself too much hard work along with procrastination from different nations. so, the idea of placing everyone into a pot of boiling water, thus making our differences indifferent while the minority conforms to the majority, was alot less work than having to appreciate our differences.

creativity comes from people's differences. nowadays, nobody wants creativity. they just want eternal slaves of the system. so, why beat yourself silly at trying to please anyone? please yourself. go ahead. tender your resignations. join the bumming club (me, that is)!

i'm slightly torn about pursuing education. of course, it makes good logic because in the end, you get a bigger paycheck, you are more knowledgeable about things that you wouldn't have paid attention to if you weren't studying, you learn random idiotic things which has no use at all in reality and some evil guru's quote on marketing aka the process of homogenizing us all.

on the other hand, there is a common syllabus and a common thinking process that is expected by schools and perhaps, the government. if we share common ways of decision-making and we have the same experiences, wouldn't someone who wasn't in the education system, but eloquent in the same matters through other resources, be more marketable? the logic is that if we tailor people to think the same way, they will come up with the same types of decisions. we need several school of thoughts to be able to call a good judgment. perhaps, people learn more effectively independently (with discipline, of course). but no one is going to give you a degree for sitting at home and reading the newspaper.

honestly, i really don't get people who are ambitious and have strategic plans on their career paths. i get the bit about responsibility but i don't see how you can pledge half your existence for the progress of a company. i think jobs are necessary because we weren't born heirs or heiresses and since we're spending so much time at work, we might as well have fun. but i'm not going to come home with work on my mind or tell the world that i work for some desirable company or how much i love my job or how much my boss likes me yadda yadda yadda. in fact, i feel sorry that your self-worthiness is dictated by your job and social status. of course, you have to be grateful that you have a job but your office has a ceiling. if you look outside your window, the sky is the limit. if you intend to live so vulnerably, why not just put a knife in the pocket of your skinny pants to see when it starts cutting you? at least, thats living on the edge.

seriously though, quit your job or die trying.

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