Friday, October 5, 2007

melting pot

i'm in class having an ass of a time. the lecturer is supposed to go around looking at our projects and advise us if we are in the right direction. apparently, he is bloody racist. he goes around to every damn chinese person in this class and i have to wait.. the chinese guy who came after me had already been seen by him but i, the fucking malay, sit in dismal silence waiting for a revelation.

seriously, what is racial harmony? singapore is merely a melting pot which reeks of the majority race while the rest of us get our differences dissolved between the majority. you can have your idealistic textbook 21st july every year but the actuality of day to day living in a multi-racial society has reality's toe stuffed in her ass.

patience is a virtue but time waits for no man. so what the hell am i doing here waiting to be enlightened on a matter that doesn't really matter. but i shall brace myself amidst the frustration, hate, anger and discontentment, if he refuses to see my work, i shall stay and force him to see it. its his goddamn job. if he continues to resist, i shall pull all strings to make his fall as a racist lecturer.

he's lucky that i don't know voodoo.

ironically, my company of choice for this project is on eu yan sang. he just answered a goddamn phonecall on my fucking time. its not my fault that my chinese friend decides not to attend class and i have to be ignored as a malay girl who stands all alone. i need to get me more chinese friends to substantiate my existence.

really, i'm not racist. i'm just damn bloody mad at this lecturer. i do love the chinese ppl. i love lynn... see!

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