Tuesday, October 23, 2007


the other day i was thinking about constituting this as part of my principles (eh wait, i have none. i'm malay! remember!) : if you have nothing good to say, you shouldn't say anything at all.

that turned out prrrretty well for about a minute or so. i discovered that my entire appeal as a person includes making fun of people and things. i'm lashing shit out for the sake of it. this can't be good!

i don't quite know myself as a blunt person unless i'm with people i'm close to, thats when i unleash my inner demons and conquer the inner depths of hell. cue evil laughter.

i thought i'd be damn bored without a job but i'm having the time of life playing games, watching dvds, reading, waking up at 1 pm... this is the life that i intend to have spun around my axis. while the rest of you go to your offices to prove your capabilities for the sake of a paycheck at the expense of happiness sacrificing your social lives so you can get a promotion to prove yourselves to others, i sit and shake my leg because i've proven to myself that lazy is as good as lazy gets. sorry to rub salt to the wound but it was fun, for me at least.

singapore suffers from an aging population who are more prone to depression because of life's fast lane. i'm going to help statistics by bumming and making many babies. the statistics for depression will be minus one(it matters eh!) cos i'm living on the lazy lane. to help the aging popuation, i will make many many babies who will replenish our workforce in the years to come. the fruit of my loins will be of much use to singapore. i'm feeling very patriotic right now, red and white. i told this to my ex-supervisor and i know she thinks its a good idea even though her facial expression had confusion written on it. :) yg penting adalah confidence.

jibek and nomi! asam boy!


Linda NJ said...

you help make babies for me can? while i study my ass off.

azlin said...

can. register first. pass u the form on msn :)