Friday, November 23, 2007

evol intent

i am inspired by my dear odd friend who wrote about love and odd. ironically, love seems like an oddity these days. the age old question is is love really all we need?

i've seen countless movies which spun its reel based on the understanding that love is really all we need. i've read many fairy tales as a little girl and these characters live happily ever after. i've listened to too many love songs advocating the idea that love is your saviour and once you find it, you can't do without it.

love obstructs your brain's ability to reason. maybe that is why i have a friend whose boyfriend has cheated on her for a number of years but still remains committed and dedicated to her love. i would know better on how these emotions mess with your ability to reason, being so emotionally driven that i forget the fundamental difference between right and wrong, good and bad.

my favourite fairy tale is stardust. it is so eluded with the concept of love and hope, too much for reality to digest. but still, i'm a sucker for this non-existing everlasting love. reality can only afford a love that doesn't last a lifetime.

when i wrote this, i had a point. but now i'm all over the place. so my conclusion is to be a swinger. if he or she hasn't cheated, its only a matter of time. deluded suckers. best-case scenario would be if you cheat before your partner. get even before it gets odd.


Dilly Padi said...

Always nice to hear from another Gaiman fan. Too few of us here in Singapore.

Thanks for the kind comment. Have a good one!

radya wong said...

how's it going babe? :) take care *hugs*

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