Friday, December 28, 2007

come one, come all into 1984

tomorrow, i turn twentythree. knowing how corny i am, i've chosen "incubus- talk shows on mute" as my birthday song. plus, they mention the year 1984 in the song, thus, making it more relevant (excuses, excuses!)

this year has taken quite a weird toll on me. my dormant characteristics remain, well, dormant. i've overly relished in the fact that i'm a complete and utter bummer. i've gained much weight (rub the happy tummy, attagirl!) and grown less materialistic. future paths remain as dim as living the night with the guidance of a mere candlelight. flickering, that is.

i'm happier and i love those around me. i've grown quite acquainted with the past and i've made some good friends.

sadly though, i haven't given anything back to society. i still deem most things with pessimism and a hint of sarcasm mostly because its fun seeing the world as a satire. there is really nothing exciting about turning twentythree. but, i'm happy and i love you!

well then, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to me.


azrael.xs said...

u gots a cool bday song. can i have one too?

anyways happy bday to my favourite girl, lene. i is happy that u is happy. i is proud that u have grown less materialistic. my tummy is as happy as yours. lets continue to make it happy again later during your bday dinner k?

so happiak birthdiak to you and much love from izariak.

adrenalene.xs said...

timakaceh. xie xie. vanakam!

do the tummy rub! ji bek! ji bek!