Sunday, December 16, 2007

the have and the had

the stars have forgotten to look after the night. these modern times depicted a world in which children killed children, people who lived in surplus but were in deficit of humanity, adults who pursued materialism with their offsprings following by example. the media killed the brain cells of the mediocre population, leaving little incentive for any diversity. we forget about love as terms has it that it would never be unconditional. misery loves company and the wounded nurture xenophobia. faith was like a lady who aged like sin and lived like a memory.

the lady sings the blues as she flips to the next chapter of destiny. after all, she had spent several years finding a solution for past mistakes. the light crept into her window and escaped into dawn, refusing the stars innate ability to shine.

if she can't be beautiful, she would rather be invisible. life's a long neverending road and when you least expect it, it ends. she began her premature mourning to all that was have and had. change paves way for the existence of the new, the old must vanish into thin air like darkness in the presence of light.

nostalgia isn't what it used to be, nostalgia is pointless. she had frozen too many moments and had led too many lives to satisfy the everlasting thirst of her hungered spirit. the world was too big to fit in her shoes and so she had found a home sheltered by her footprints, unwilling to take a step further.

she longed to breathe the oxygen that wasn't contaminated by the whispers of memories. she whimpered at the thought of immortality. if after here is a hereafter, then she is a pre-destined immortal waiting out mortality.

it is true that you don't know what you have till its been had. thus, she resigned to fate. its a tad ironic how her memories mock her existence. the still photographs were after all several worlds and time continuums away.

in the absence of hopes and dreams, despair resides. when despair leaves, there is nothing left. escapism allowed those who had fallen between cracks to embrace oddity in an alternate universe that sold freedom at an affordable price. let go of everything before it lets go of you.

the lower you fall, the higher you'll fly.

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