Wednesday, December 12, 2007

life's short. talk fast.

i am a sloth.

the only problem is that i'm running out of things to complain about. that, in itself, is against my nature. it defies the law of gravity, physics etc. i need to complain. i need to be unhappy to complain. the only problem is that i'm not unhappy (which isn't a sure shot determiner of happiness).

and now, i am complaining about not being able to complain. seriously, i need a fucking hobby. a hobby that doesn't involve having to be in the sun, much rigorous movement, sweating or using the brain. i hear about people trying to exercise their mental, so on and so forth but i think my brain is dysfunctional. the more i think, the more brain cells deplete. thus, if i'm smart, i shouldn't do any thinking at all. clearly, i am delusional, paranoid and suffer from personality disorder.

trust that i am an anomaly.
an old and bored weirdo.
and life doesn't happen to the old and bored, that is why they get married.

yesternite, i watched "the namesake". its about an indian boy who has an identity crisis. thats pretty much it. i should really take supplementary lessons on my persuasive skills. but supplementary is meant for something that you have and want to improve, i don't have persuasive skills to begin with. so, scratch that. anyway, the heart of the matter is that the movie is good and if you have an efficient internet connection, it would do you well to download it. indeed, the best things in the world are free (as long as my mother pays the internet bill).

i have my final driving theory test tomorrow. driving is not my forte, sleeping is.

life's long. sleep more.

edward norton is such a hottie hottie. xoxo


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. :-)

adrenalene said...

thank you! :)