Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a shot of love

i am a closet fan of tila tequila. she is just so hot! i've been following her bachelorette series "a shot of love with tila tequila" on mtv. today marked the final episode and she has made her decision on the person she wants to venture pastures with.

it was down to a manly girl and a man. she chose the man, bobby who was cute and dorky. personally, i preferred dani, the not so feminine + not quite butch = futch. she seemed like the most genuine person in the world and i think thats really hard to find. she is the sweetest thing :)

anyway, the entire series has tila making out with boys and girls, which was kinda too hot for tv. she has the hottest bod and the cutest face. she works the dance poles really well, too well actually. i am anticipating for this monday's reunion of all the contestants.

i don't really like or understand reality tv but this one has tila tequila innit! right now, i'm listening to her song called paralyze. its a bit pop-ish but its nice, in a tila way.

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