Saturday, December 15, 2007

waste away

stick and stones may break your bones but words can hurt you.

if you ask me, i'd tell you it is convenient to be torn apart and remain many pieces because it takes strength and determination to pick up those million little pieces and confront your inner demons. even if you confront your inner demons, your happiness has no guarantee. it all boils down to a vicious cycle.

humans, like products, have shelf lives. we have expiry dates and production mistakes. it all breaks down to billions of people manufactured from the same template with slight variations. given that the majority of us meet our basic needs, we have the luxury to fight to be different. thus, we fight. but when it all falls down, we're generally the same.

so my big question is, why the hell are you trying so hard to be different? in trying to be different, you're being the same. stop trying so hard to prove your intellect, kindness, happiness etc because it exists in the rest of us, even if it isn't in abundance.

well, if you really want to help the world, start with yourself. start with small acts of kindness. be a vegetarian. use recycled paper. don't drink and drive. give money to random strangers. work and give your salary to the carrot cake auntie.

fortunately for me, i'm not into saving the world. i'm into saving myself because you're no good at fixing others when you can't even fix yourself.

ya lor. i selfish but i happy mah. so bugger off.

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