Friday, January 11, 2008

excrete discreet

what is your take on self-improvement?

why do we strive to be better when it is in our nature to fail at everything? it takes so much to pick up the scattered fragments from being broken but it is so easy to break. perhaps, the answer to all of life's problems is self-destruction.

when you self-destruct, you lose everything and hold on to nothing. its sounds like a dangerously superficial thought but has self-improvement really provided any solution to your problems. self-help books are all built on the bigger picture and they encompass around much ambiguity. you can't solve life's problems with such vagueness. at times, the conceptualisations sound realistic but when you apply it to life's tiny details, the equation doesn't balance.

the concept of self-destruction is simple; you can't lose anything if you have nothing to begin with. the man who has nothing to lose is stronger than any prick or sinner in this world simply because he has nothing to lose in the first place. this was the main idea in which fight club was built on. so, imma get me one of those jobs at one of those fancy prestigious restaurants with a tongue-twisting god-awful name that no one can pronounce and pee in the soups of the rich men. thus, creating minor chaos and anarchy!

speaking of which, about 80% of the world is poor, 1% is rich and the rest of us are in between. i don't know if these statistics remain relevant to date but it sure sounds like we live in a fucked up world. the richest men are a part of the powers to be. the 1% are the people who rule the world because they are the people responsible for marketing, technology, infrastructure, legislation and the horrendous list goes on. they condition society to what it is today. our minds are constituted by the rights and wrongs as defined by them and we reflect it in our code of behaviour. i say break away from it and stand on the edge of the earth, lose everything that was instilled in you because they are merely man-made theories on how the world should be. and they may have gotten it wrong...

but don't listen to me. i'm just a stupid pathetic bitch who has messed up values and virtues and expresses the air in her head with words that mean nothing, no one and nowhere. you're better off reading a self-help book. trust me.

but if by some large miracle my cynicism has encaptured you, start peeing into soup bowls of the riches and fight the power! because excreting bowels discreetly is all about small revolution!


radya wong said...

i wish we could be rich by doing nothing. that would be great. and we can kick off our shoes, and relax by the beach all day long. now isn't that wonderful!

adrenalene.xs said...

i would wish that too. but i want everyone to be rich with me, so that i don't have to feel guilty about having a surplus for another being's deficit :P

but i'd go for people rolling down green hills, playing boardgames, and just having a good ass time.