Monday, January 28, 2008

rag and bone

the other day i was watching some show and it was saying that the ideal size for a woman is a size 2. who are these people who say these things? i bet they're aliens from planet pluto who are as thin as air. i mean, its a fucking size 2, only a stickman can be a size 2.

i know this particular someone who is probably size -2 and she's very proud of it. her words were "i'm thin and people think i'm anorexic, so i guess that makes me cool". she makes the rag and bone man look like a buddha. worse still, she isn't the only one. a friend of a friend advocates anorexia.

what is wrong with you people?

on a personal basis, i know that 4 of my girlfriends have eating disorders, which is quite unbelievable given the fact that i don't have that many girlfriends to begin with. honestly though, i don't blame them because society puts this pressure on every insecure girl. nowadays, nobody is not insecure, right?

i suppose the "down-a-size" dilemma we face are part and parcel of an economic and political agenda. if women are happy with themselves, they wouldn't feel the need to be materialistic and hide their identities behind designer labels etc etc. people are more unhappy with themselves because the material solution is so temporal. since we're all so bloody insecure, we embrace fear so subtly that the thought of anything inconsistent would make us shit in our panties. we don't voice our fears because it has embedded into our existence. thus, making us politically correct.

there are so many unrealistic ideals instilled in us. better to unlearn everything than to learn anything at all.

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radya wong said...

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