Monday, February 11, 2008

the best things in life do not come for free

oh my god! i am researching tokyo when i really should be studying for my exams, and i found this factory outlet that has got me jumping on my bed like a monkey whose buttock caught fire.

there are so many nice things there, and i only have 1k to blow, which is hardly enough. 1k is only enough to buy like what, 2 things? i'm so stressed. they have kate spade, coach, ferragamo, armani, prada, miu miu and so much more. i have a weakness for handbags, even though i don't have many because i'm as good as poverty. speaking of poverty, now i feel guilty for the thought of wanting to spend so much on a useless (but pretty) handbag when that money can be used to feed like 50 children. but then, i don't like children. is that ok then?

the best things in life do not come for free. word the mother.

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