Sunday, February 10, 2008

following sheep

exams are due in less than two weeks. i've recently completed my project and i have to start revision asap. i can't wait to get it over with. its like burying the hatchet and axing the bigger picture. life's such a mystery with a destiny we have no control over. and bummers go with the flow.

i haven't watched a good movie in such a long time. if you have the time, you should watch equilibrium. christian bale looks so delicious in this show.

equilibrium is about a future in which people no longer embrace emotions. the rationale is that emotions are like a vice that takes control of mankind, causing negative feelings like hate and jealousy that leads to war. so, people numb themselves with this drug and anyone who sheds any kind of emotion is executed. art, books and music are destroyed because they invoke unnecessary human feelings.

i'm sure we've all been to a phase where we wish we were numb because emotions takes over our ability to reason, becoming an excess baggage that you just want to get rid of (or is it just me? :P). but of course, if we're unable to feel, life's like waiting a prison term and being undead. yadda yadda yadda.

i am going to tokyo in march! my ticket and accommodation is confirmed! how exciting albeit my intolerance for the japanese harajuku girls. they are so annoying, or maybe gwen stefani made them annoying. i really would like to see the cherry blossoms that i hear so often about but its blooming only in late march, and i'm going mid-march. but yeah, any holiday is a good holiday.

after i finish school, i shall start a bonfire with my notes and textbooks, dance around it like a red indian and howl like wolves! or i could make some money off it and sell it to some bookstore. although the former sounds like a lot of fun, i guess i'd do the latter because we're getting old and old people are practical at the expense of fun.


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